American Apparel: Made in Downtown, Los Angeles

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Their ads are provocative and sexually suggestive. They usually feature young females in evocative positions. They are on billboards all over the city. They are the symbol of hipster, understated cool. To be urban is to wear a plain tee and a hoodie with shades and skater shoes, some would say. They symbolize a movement of buying American-made products. American Apparel, the brand loved by hipsters of California, prides itself on their clothes and accessories being made in Downntown, Los Angeles under sweatshop-free conditions. The company pays workers more than minimum wage.


Their design is classic and timeless. Their colors bold and neon. The company was founded by CEO, Dov Charney, who’s as controversial as the advertisements. He pushed boundaries in his personal and professional life. He’s been in the news for sexual harassment lawsuits and was fired by American Apparel. His vision prevails.

Interview with Dov Charney

Dov Charney discusses the controversy of American Apparel ads and the company’s impact on LA culture.

Dov Charney talks about how he started in selling American t-shirts as a teenager and how he started his business.

American Apparel Board Ousted Dov Charney. Workers react.

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