Celebrate Love

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Flowers bloom with an abundance of rain this year. Love blossoms with care. We celebrate Valentine’s Day in February. Some of us dread it. We feel the stress to find a significant other ASAP so we are not reminded of … Continued

The Fountain of Youth

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Most of us want to remain young forever. We want to stay healthy and have energy to do everything we want to do. We diet, scour the aisles of Sephora and makeup counters for quick fixes and concealers. We see … Continued

Graffiti LA

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There’s art all around us if we pay attention. Art isn’t just confined to the space of galleries and museums. The art we stumble upon in public on the pavement, walls, buildings, trashcans, and any other surface tell stories of … Continued

Skaters are California Cool

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Skater boys and girls are hip and cool. They’ve got swag. They are daring, carefree, and edgy. They ride their boards around town. Their styles are individualistic with particular attention paid to the outfit, shoes, and hair. Skater is an … Continued

Carvings and Graffiti Invade Nature

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For people living in urban environments like Los Angeles, the mountains represent an escape from the concrete, man-made skyscrapers, buildings, cars, congestion, and noise. They can breathe fresher air in the mountains, and it’s much quieter. There are noises of … Continued

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