Roommate Fridays

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California girls have busy schedules. We work, workout, hang out, and party. That leaves very little time for sleep. We are spontaneous and fun, but also make plans to spend time with people they care about and love. Roommate Fridays … Continued

Graffiti Artists Tag LA

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Graffiti is self-expression by people who want mark their territory. It shows up in all places, on bus stops, walls of buildings, sidewalks, chairs, tables, freeways, signs, bathroom stalls, among other places. Graffiti artists have tagged national parks. They have … Continued

Skinny Girls Live the Dream

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LA girls can have body issues with a focus is on beauty and thinness. Most of us achieve a healthy, thin body through an active lifestyle. We may hike, surf, swim, and dance. We eat well, and try out the … Continued

LA Billboards Sell Dreams

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To drive along Sunset Blvd. is to be bombarded by large billboards using beautiful people to sell beautiful things.

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