Carvings and Graffiti Invade Nature

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For people living in urban environments like Los Angeles, the mountains represent an escape from the concrete, man-made skyscrapers, buildings, cars, congestion, and noise. They can breathe fresher air in the mountains, and it’s much quieter. There are noises of … Continued

Graffiti Artists Tag LA

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Graffiti is self-expression by people who want mark their territory. It shows up in all places, on bus stops, walls of buildings, sidewalks, chairs, tables, freeways, signs, bathroom stalls, among other places. Graffiti artists have tagged national parks. They have … Continued

LA Billboards Sell Dreams

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To drive along Sunset Blvd. is to be bombarded by large billboards using beautiful people to sell beautiful things.

Landmarks Reveal LA’s History

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Los Angeles, CA is a diverse and vast city. It’s home to people of different cultures and backgrounds who have come here for opportunities, fame, and fortune. Overtime, neighborhoods have changed. Different groups of people move in and out, but … Continued

Baseball Season Has Begun

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California girls are into sports. We get excited about basketball, hockey, swimming, baseball, just to name a few. We attend games to cheer on their favorite teams. We have the spirit. Baseball season has began! It’s an exciting time. Put … Continued