Rihanna Launches Fenty Beauty
Photo courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Rihanna Represents the Diversity in Skin Tones in her New Beauty Line

Rihanna champions diversity in her latest makeup collection. She debuts with 40 foundation shades for light to dark skin tones from the lightest lights to the darkest darks. Whether we are pale, dark, or somewhere in-between, the Fenty Beauty line has a shade that's matches our tone. She makes sure there's a tone that matches everyone skin. Thank you Rihanna for being inclusive. We've been waiting a long time for this. Rihanna delivers on her vision and the products are amazing. They are selling fast. Fenty Beauty is a game changer. It's popular among the celebrities too such as Cardi B, Karlie Klass, Jasmine Tookes, and Gabrielle Union.