To Live is to be Social

There's such much going on in our lives. We get busy with school, work, family and friends. The moments in which we meet up and connect irl, or online are some the most meaningful. Where are some of our favorite hang outs?

Some of our favorite places are friends' houses, mall, coffee shops, museums, and concerts. If we are talking to people online, we should be careful. Don't be catfished. That's not fun. Make sure they are real and not a bot or use another person's photos for their own. Snapchat. Instagram. Facebook. They are not real unless they are on social. hahaha. But you know all that. Have fun.

Top 10 Hang Outs
  1. Beach

  2. Friend's house

  3. Coffee/Tea/Boba shops

  4. Malls

  5. Mountains

  6. School

  7. Museums

  8. Parks

  9. Concerts

  10. Restaurants