Skaters are California Cool

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Skater boys and girls are hip and cool. They’ve got swag. They are daring, carefree, and edgy. They ride their boards around town. Their styles are individualistic with particular attention paid to the outfit, shoes, and hair. Skater is an … Continued

Taco Trucks Feed LA

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LA is known for many things, among them, taco trucks which can be seen all over the city. They specialize mostly in Mexican food, but there are a few that serve up hot dogs, burgers and fries, and Korean food. … Continued

Money Buys Beauty

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Los Angeles is an image and beauty conscious place. Many females are not comfortable with themselves naturally. They hunt the malls and specialty skin and beauty shops for the products that promise to make their skin taut, wrinkle-free, and ageless. … Continued

Shop Mom and Pop

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Mom and pop stores add character to a neighborhood. They are usually run by the people who’ve started the business. Their passion, hard work, and character can be seen in the business. Whether the small business is a coffee shop, … Continued


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Summer is fast approaching. In a couple of months school will be out. It’s not too early to make plans for the summer. Some people might be working, others vacationing, or taking summer school. Whatever it might be, make the … Continued

Be a Tourist in LA

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Los Angeles, the most populous city in California, is a tourist attraction for people worldwide, but the locals can also be tourists and enjoy this beautiful city. There are plenty of shopping, sightseeing, and other activities to keep our body … Continued

Cupcake Indulgence

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Cupcakes are girls’ best friends. They remind us of princess-themed birthday parties, of carefree, and dreamy days. Sweetness! They are an American tradition. They are huge in California. Cupcakeries and bakeries pop up everywhere. They are easy to bring to … Continued

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