Celebrate Love

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Flowers bloom with an abundance of rain this year. Love blossoms with care. We celebrate Valentine’s Day in February. Some of us dread it. We feel the stress to find a significant other ASAP so we are not reminded of our loneliness. Some of us deny its impact on us. Stores use is as an occasion to sell us some stuff that we wouldn’t otherwise buy for ourselves or anyone else. Hearts, heart-shaped things and lips pop up everywhere. Some really buy into it, while others simply don’t care.

On this Valentine’s Day, we should rethink what it means to us. It’s a reminder to celebrate our good fortunes of being alive and loved, every day. We don’t need a holiday for that. Do something special for those around us every day. It’s the little things that matter. Commit to this, and our hearts and lives would overflow with love.

Celebrate our individuality. Celebrate life. Celebrate love.

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