Skaters are California Cool

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Skater boys and girls are hip and cool. They’ve got swag. They are daring, carefree, and edgy. They ride their boards around town. Their styles are individualistic with particular attention paid to the outfit, shoes, and hair. Skater is an attitude and lifestyle. Skater fashion is part of skating culture. It’s how skaters identify themselves as part of the community.

Dress Like a Skater Girl

  1. Pick up a pair of denim shorts that fit well. Top it off with a tight or loose tee. Keep it simple.
  2. The right shoe is important for grip on the board. Popular brands are Converse and Vans. Pick ones that fit well. Then decide on color and pattern to match the individual.
  3. Use sunscreen all over the body. Protect the skin from the sun’s damaging rays.
  4. Let the hair flow in the wind. Top it off with a cool hat, preferably one with a skater or surfing company logo. Skating and surfing go hand in hand. Shout out to surfers!
  5. Accessorize with bracelets, anklets, and necklaces.
  6. Keep the makeup to a minimum. Swipe of a black eyeliner and we are ready to go. Fresh face is the most stunning. Skater girls convey low maintenance.
  7. Enjoy the ride!

Dress Like a Skater Boy

  1. Relaxed look. Wear baggy pants from skating companies such as Volcrom or Element.
  2. Hoodies, cargo pants, skate tees
  3. Wear shoes with good traction and fashionable. Bulky cool.
  4. Keep hair long and messy. Just out of bed look is sexy.
  5. Add beanies or caps.
  6. Oozing with attitude.

Find a skate park and practice with other skater boys and girls. The Venice Skate Park in Venice, California, is a popular and famous gathering place for skaters. It has a long skateboarding history. Skaters from all over the world come here to demonstrate their skills. Skater parks are places for skaters to show off their tricks and moves among a community of other skaters and admirers. When learning to do tricks, wear safety gear: helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. Be safe. Eat healthy and treat the body with respect. Skate everywhere. Have fun!

Skaters have their allure. The sound of the wheels grinding against pavement is attention getting. They are fast on their boards when they zip by, pushing with their feet against the ground, then gliding along. The wind blows through their long hair and baggy clothes, and it’s the vision of freedom.

After mastering tricks on skateboards, skaters can take those to ocean and surf the waves, doing flips and turns in the air. One is the training ground for the other sport. Both exhilarating! Roam free!

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