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Summer is fast approaching. In a couple of months school will be out. It’s not too early to make plans for the summer. Some people might be working, others vacationing, or taking summer school. Whatever it might be, make the most of the coming months. Summer is a special time of year. California girls, especially know how to have fun.

1. Take a summer intensive dance class where you dance for hours every day of the week. Work that body. Dance is love, beauty, and passion. Happiness.

2. Plan a road trip with friends and blast the music. Try Bright Eyes, “Another Travelin Song.”

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3. Camp out on the beach, in your backyard, or Yosemite and other camping grounds. Sleep under under the stars.

4. Take a swimming or surfing class. Get a glowing tan. Strengthen the body. Make a splash. Beach body. Yes!

5. Vacation overseas with family and friends or alone.

6. Get an internship. Learn a marketable skill. Yes, we all need to make money. Well, a wealthy few don’t.

7. Summer love. It’s best not to plan this one.

8. Volunteer. Give back to the community.

9. Take summer classes. They seem shorter during the summer. You can still have fun. Meet new people.

10. Bask under the sun in a bikini and lots of sunshine and just enjoy the sunshine. Best!

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