Taco Trucks Feed LA

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LA is known for many things, among them, taco trucks which can be seen all over the city. They specialize mostly in Mexican food, but there are a few that serve up hot dogs, burgers and fries, and Korean food. Some keep all day hours, whereas others are open at night until past 1 AM. They are popular among the lunch crowd and night owls. They park in front of corporate buildings to attract the lunch crowd who don’t want to venture far from work. Some stay in one location, but others drive around the city and park at different locations on different days of the week.

Taco trucks are gathering places for people in communities. Students meet up with their friends there on Friday nights or the weekend. It’s where they hang outside of school. They are happy and bonding places. There are people who go on dates there. Some frequently them because they are addicted to the street food. Taco trucks are LA cool. They are part of the culture of clubbing, partying, smoking, then eating a couple of tacos before calling it night. They are of the moment.

People have their favorites. Among them are chicken, carne asada, and al pastor tacos. Eat one, eat two or three. Enjoy them! Better with beer.

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