Be Inspired by Comics and Unicorns

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Comics allow us to enter imaginary worlds where good and evil battle it out, and valuable lessons are learned. We get attached to characters, perhaps, they identify with them. Super heroes emerge as bigger than life characters who teach us lessons in morality and ethics. We spend endless hours reading them when we were kids and they continue to influence us in adulthood.

With Halloween around the corner, we have a chance to channel our favorite super hero. Whether it’s Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Spider Man, or any other character, dressing up allow us to pretend we could be them.

Comics inspire us to be greater than what we are, to believe in our super powers, to have faith that a super hero would save the day. They help us get through tough and lonely times. They provide us with an identity. Kids read and collect them, as do adults.

The toys are the real life manifestation of the imaginary. They come alive as 3-D objects that can be touched, held, and treasured. Treasure the super hero in all of us.

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