Be a Tourist in LA

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Los Angeles, the most populous city in California, is a tourist attraction for people worldwide, but the locals can also be tourists and enjoy this beautiful city. There are plenty of shopping, sightseeing, and other activities to keep our body and mind engaged. LA is know for its celebrity, Hollywood, film, culture, ethnic diversity, and sunshine all year round. It is home to people from all over the world. The diversity in culture, food, music, and neighborhoods makes everyone feel at home. The coastline from Long Beach to Malibu offers magnificent views of the ocean, sun, and natural beauty. No reason to be bored. Get out and explore beautiful LA. Be curious. Be adventurous. There’s not much to complain about, well, maybe except for the traffic. So many people want to live in LA. It’s a dynamic and exciting place to be.

1. Walk, skate, or bike along the shore from Venice Beach to Santa Monica

It’s a nice view of the ocean. Beautiful people abound. There will be lots of visitors but plenty of locals hang out too. Put on sunscreen, layers of clothing, and water. There are shops along the boardwalk to buy souvenirs, food, and weed in Venice Beach. People work out outdoors in a stretch known as Muscle Beach. Be prepared to see a lot of skin.

2. Santa Monica Pier

This landmark stretches out into the ocean. At the end and along the way, people throw down fishing poles. Musicians provide entertainment. There are shops, an amusement park, ferris wheel that lights up at night, and restaurants and bars. The view is breathtaking.

3. Drive along PCH with the windows down, sunroof open, or top down

Breathtaking! Life is beautiful.

4. For the ambitious, bike to Malibu.

Great way to exercise and experience a more secluded beach experience. Surfers ride the waves along the way. Say “Hello.” They are really friendly. Keep the cool vibe going.

5. Eat at In-N-Out all over LA. Yes!!!

This first one started in 1948 in Baldwin Park, CA. Visit the original, or eat at any one around the city. Their burgers and fries are the finest California has to offer. It’s a place of happiness. Don’t forget to order the shake. Good times.

6. Live like the Stars – Hollywood Hills

Drive up the hills, and see the panoramic view of the valley and streets, buildings, houses, and people below. Take Mulholland Drive and stop to make up or whatever. It’s a nice drive. Look for the Hollywood sign. Hike up to it.

7. See the stars from Griffith Observatory

On top of the hill at Griffith Park, the observatory offers a great view of the city. Learn about the stars, galaxy, Tesla, and see the stars and heaven.

8. Botanical Gardens at Huntington Library

Put on comfortable shoes and walk the gardens are beautiful all year round. It features plants from all over the world. It also has a sculptural garden and a gallery of 19th century European art.

9. Be a world citizen in LA – Home to people from all over the world

Experience different cultures in Chinatown, Little Toyko, Thai Town, Koreatown, and Jewish District. Each area has its own unique shops and goodies. Eat different foods. Hear different languages. Expand our mind. Expand our world. The Empress Pavilion in Chinatown offers delicious, authentic Chinese food. Canter’s on Fairfax is a Jewish deli that’s open 24 hours. Hungry late a night, don’t forget Canter’s.

10. Weekend Brunch

Brunch at restaurants such as Gladstone’s and Duke’s along the beach. Panoramic view of the ocean. Fresh air. Sea salt. Paradise.

11. San Gabriel Mission Playhouse

The San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, built in 1927, is a beautiful Spanish-style building where music, ballet, and World Arts and Culture can be seen. Steeped in history, it’s a landmark in the San Gabriel Valley. Experience and support the arts in this historical setting.
San Gabriel Mission Playhouse

12. Spend a day in Westwood – Home of the Bruins

Westwood is a college town with UCLA in the heart of it. It offers entertainment for both college students and those who want to relive those memories. Eat food for the student budget and see a movie at the Fox Theater. Grab a late night snack at In-n-Out. Yummmm!

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