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Mom and pop stores add character to a neighborhood. They are usually run by the people who’ve started the business. Their passion, hard work, and character can be seen in the business. Whether the small business is a coffee shop, bakery, restaurant, or dance studio, it’s important to support them so that they can thrive. Take walks around the neighborhood and buy locally. Discover the mom and pop shops. Go inside and talk to the workers and owners. They all have interesting stories about their passions, motivations, and uniqueness. Make friends. Make people smile. Spread joy and happiness. Community building makes the world a better place. Yes! Meet up with friends at a mom and pop instead of Starbucks or Coffee Bean that are taking over the world.

Why should people shop at mom and pops?

1. Keep the money in the community. Sustainable community. Support a family, and generations to come. Support the local economy.

2. Take pride in the community. Build it.

3. They are unique and interesting. Experience something different.

4. Shop owners show their appreciation through their care and friendliness.

5. Shop close to home. Walk, don’t drive. Save on gas and carbon emission. Good for health and environment.

6. Their products are one of a kind.

7. Small businesses pride themselves on service and quality. Reputation is everything.

8. They will do everything they can to satisfy their customers.

9. Their business comes out of a passion and vision. They invest their time and lives in their business.

10. Shop responsibly. Small businesses create jobs.

Some great mom and pop shops in town are below.

1. Happy Bakery of El Monte
Their cakes are to die for. So light and yummy. Generations have celebrated birthdays, weddings, and other occasions with cakes and pastries from them.

2. Video Store Named Desire in West Los Angeles
Love the name. The shop is small but the owner is incredibly knowledgeable about movies. He makes great recommendations. $1 rental fee. Great price.

3. Thai Eagle Rox in Eagle Rock
Small restaurant on York Blvd. in Eagle Rock serves the community of Occidental College students. The crowd is young and hip. Cool atmosphere with outdoor patio. Great food.

4. Swork Coffee Bar of Eagle Rock
Great tea and coffee. Hipster crowd. Attracts students from all around. Young but family friendly with a kid’s area.

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