Carvings and Graffiti Invade Nature

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For people living in urban environments like Los Angeles, the mountains represent an escape from the concrete, man-made skyscrapers, buildings, cars, congestion, and noise. They can breathe fresher air in the mountains, and it’s much quieter. There are noises of nature such as birds communicating with each other, water trickling through rocks, and wind moving through leaves and everything. Wherever people go, they leave their mark. People invade nature and claim it as their territory. People tag rocks, walls, signs and carve into trees. The graffiti gets painted over sometimes. Time diminished their marks, but the carvings become part of the living trees. They are etched into their branches and trunks and leave scars.

Even when people take a break from society, they still feel the need to claim their space. The mountains are one of the last pristine place and space. It’s interesting to see the human struggles on the trunks of trees. Is it public art or defacement? Are the carvings the same as graffiti but using a knife instead of paint as instruments. The markings, slashes, and cuts, are personal and unique. Should people tag nature?

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