Taco Trucks Feed LA

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LA is known for many things, among them, taco trucks which can be seen all over the city. They specialize mostly in Mexican food, but there are a few that serve up hot dogs, burgers and fries, and Korean food. … Continued

Cupcake Indulgence

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Cupcakes are girls’ best friends. They remind us of princess-themed birthday parties, of carefree, and dreamy days. Sweetness! They are an American tradition. They are huge in California. Cupcakeries and bakeries pop up everywhere. They are easy to bring to … Continued

Bond Over Weekend Brunch

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California offers the best food and cooking. There’s so much fresh produce, fish, and poultry. Weekend brunch with friends and family is a time to socialize and bond over food and sunshine. Some go after church. Those who don’t go … Continued