Farmers’ Markets Serve Freshness

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Farmers Markets are all over the city. Farmers offer fruits and vegetables that they have grown on their farms. It’s nice to spend a morning or afternoon at the farmers’ market, sample the different fruits and goods. Nature makes the most beautiful things. The organic shapes and colors of the produce are a visual treat. They are also delicious. Eat fresh. Eat healthy. Stay active.

To get the freshest and tastiest fruits and vegetables: Buy in season, smell, touch, and taste the fruits, make sure it has a stem, check for bruises, choose fruits for its plumpness and heaviness, and check for ripeness by its color. Eat the fruits and vegetables quickly so they retain their freshness, taste, and nutrients.

Buy from people who only sell what they’ve grown. Buy local. Get to know the community and support the local economy. For most people who live in big cities like Los Angeles, it’s the closet they get to a farm, to the source of where food is grown. There’s so much variety at farmers markets. They are different depending on the neighborhood. People of different ethnicity and background gather to shop for fresh, healthy food. Eat healthy and prosper.


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