Madonna Makes Out with Drake at Coachella

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People from all over gathered in Indio, CA for the annual music and arts festival. Coachella where girls walk about in cut-off shorts, tanks, and flowers in their hair, got a treat when Madonna performed with Drake on his song, “Madonna.” Madonna strutted and sang, “I’m not your bitch so don’t hang your shirt on me.” At the end, she planted a kiss on him and said, “Bitch, I’m Madonna.” Drake sounded surprised as she walked off. “What the fuck just happened?” he asked. The video has everyone talking.

Coachella is still happening next weekend, April 17-19, if you can score tickets. They are sold out.

Madonna Makes Out with Drake at Coachella
[responsive_youtube GZgQjN0aNHM norel]

The kiss is reminiscent of VMA 2003 with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Madonna likes to make out. She likes controversy and pushing boundaries.

Madonna Makes Out with Drake at Coachella
[responsive_youtube MAy-NtCQCB8 norel]

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