Date a Surfer

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Surfer boys and girls are what dreams are made of. They symbolize California beauty, mystique, and culture. There are laid-back and carefree. They chase waves rain or shine. They are passionate, adventurous, and romantic.

1. Super tanned, strong, free-spirited, and naturally beautiful all year round.

2. You hang out by or in the sea with the one you love. Applying sunscreen on each other is a cool way to bond.

3. Money isn’t a main concern. Focus is on chasing the waves and time to surf.

5. Low maintenance. Surfer boys and girls do not fuss over themselves. They take no time to get ready.

6. Casual is cool. They are comfortable in their own skin. Bikini top and bottoms all year round or board shorts is the dress code.

7. To surf on the same board with your love is super romantic. Surfers are romantic.

8. Share a mutual respect for nature’s beauty. Pursue the simple life.

9. Learn the vocabulary of surfers.

10. Teach each other new ways to navigate the waves.

11. Buy each other new boards and wet suits for gifts.

12. Be serenaded by the sea if he plays guitar.

13. Be young, be free, be you. Surfers are forever young.

14. Smell of salt and sea breeze on each other is sexy.

15. Listen to surf music while driving to the beach with the sunroof open.

Surf Music

Music associated with surf culture in Orange County and Southern California.

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