Hiking Griffith Park Observatory

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From high up in the mountains of Los Angeles, CA, the view is magnificent, as visitors take in the vastness of the city below. Houses, buildings, and skyscrapers look like Monopoly pieces. All of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Century City, the Hollywood sigh, and the rest of the city can be seen on a clear day. There’s a trail next to the Griffith Park Observatory that hikers can take higher up the mountain. As people wind up this mountain, the view of Los Angeles changes. There’s not much shade so wear hats and sunscreen. The hike isn’t difficult. It’s a wide, dirt road straight up. Drive up the mountain or hike up for more of a workout. Free parking along the side of the mountain and in the Griffith Observatory lot, when there’s space.

Hikers can see all of the Observatory with the skyscrapers of Downtown, Los Angeles in the background. It looks like a castle on a hill. Take in the beauty that is L.A.! Magnificent!

Fern Dell Dr off Los Feliz
Los Angeles, CA 90068

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